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Solutions for Research Ltd

We have recently been working on a variety of projects for Universities and commercial companies. A few of the non-commercially sensitive projects are shown here.

Software Architecture for Agricultural Robots (SAFAR)

We have been working with Unibots to develop an autonomous grass cutter called Tomi.

Solutions for Research have been responsible for the hardware design and build for the vehicle electronics and well as the on vehicle communications software.

The project is sponsored by the The Douglas Bomford Trust


RH/Temperature Meter

As part of a larger project we had the requirement for measuring RH and temperature in a small pipe. None of the commercially available meters fitted our requirement so we developed our own. Combined with a small accurate sensor the meter has its own display as well as a USB connection so measurements can be logged on a PC.

Biosensor fluidic chamber and electrode holder

Designed specifically for research using a new type of biosensor, this fluidic chamber features a tapered reservoirand a custom designed electrode holder to enable the custom made electrodes to be easily removed for sensor replacement.

Bio sensor chamber